MINT Commits to “Getting The Jab Done”

The agency offers paid time off for employee’s vaccination appointments.

As Australia’s call to arms for vaccinations ramps up (and AU/NZ have a creative stand-off over who’s vax campaign is better), it’s been warming to see the private sector jump to the call and offer their support in whatever ways they can, to help with the embattled roll out of the COVID-19 Vaccination program.

From major supermarket chains offering free real estate for vaccination clinics, to private businesses offering up in-house vaccinations for their employees, the country is banding together with a single-minded vision – to get the jab done.

While some lofty targets to get people vaccinated over the coming months have been made, there is more than a muttering that people under 35 need to get vaccinated quick sticks, and my view is that everyone needs to be vaccinated, as swiftly as possible to allow families to see each other, businesses that rely on freedom of entry and for everything that we get from travel.

I love seeing community and business converge to combat an issue. As such, and with the belief that everyone, no matter how big or small, can make a difference in their own way, The Mint Partners are offering paid time off in order for our team to be vaccinated when their turn comes around.

We know that weekend bookings are going to be booked for months, so if that means a Monday afternoon to get the shot, we say go for it. For yourself, for your family, for your community and for Australia to find its place in the world again.

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