The Future is Now

How fash-tech is changing the way we spend


Apparel brands are becoming more accessible than ever, and with the almost daily launch of new fashion brands, marketers are turning to innovation and tech in order to stay ahead of the pack and stand out.

The rising trend of ‘fashion tech’ ranges from product design, functionality and innovation, to customer experience and accessibility and, more frequently, 3D printing.

In the performance-wear category, customers are willing to pay more for pieces that are ‘tech’. Brands like Nike, Adidas and lululemon all have renowned Research and Development facilities that excel in the science of movement. lululemon’s R&D facility, Whitespace sees athletes and product developers alike create and perfect materials suitable for running, yoga or our favourite ‘naked material’ with the Align Pants Nulux fabric actually leaving you feeling naked… Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself.

3D printing is growing fast, with fashion a newcomer in using the technology. The use of 3D printing allows designers to push the boundaries outside of traditional design and create intricate patterns and structures, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can add smart functionality.

We’re all up to speed with Smart Watches and VR headsets, but wearable technology is shooting us straight into the future with some next level innovation. Solar panel jumpers for charging your phone, clothing with GPS tracking, rings that track your movement and coats with infrared heating – what haven’t they thought of?

A more recent trend sweeping the fashion world are visual search tools. Staying ahead of the game, online fashion retailer ASOS has introduced tech advancements and tools into their customer experience. ASOS Style Match makes finding the perfect outfit a breeze. Through the search tool on the ASOS app customers take a photo of a top, dress or pair of shoes, and ASOS will cleverly (it’s magic, I tell you!) match you with similar pieces that you can shop. Like, right now.

So what is next for fashion? Our thoughts? The possibilities are endless.

By Charlotte Howells

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