The side effects of COVID-19

How short-term brand solutions can create long-term consumer impact

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a fundamental shift in society. How brands act now will determine a long-term shift and consumer perspective and value-alignment, especially with younger buyers.

We’ve taken the 10 pillars of cultural recovery identified by Australian social scientist, Dr Ross Honeywill, and applied them to the challenges brands are facing, in what we have dubbed The Time of RE.

We have used the pandemic and lockdown to REevaluate what is important to us and REclaim our personal relationships, REallocating how we divide our time between work and play. More importantly, brands can use the below pillars to plan how to REposition and REbound.

For now, let’s look at the first five pillars.

Purpose & Meaning – less talk, more action

Tired of the “there for you” EDMs that bombarded your inbox at the start of the pandemic? You’re not alone. 74% of consumers want brands to provide practical information and demonstrate what they are doing to keep their staff customers safe.

Control – offer comfort to balance uncertainty

We saw a major spike in radio listeners as we tuned in for familiar voices and a sense of routine. Controlled activities like baking and gardening also proved popular as the outcome was known.

Sustainability & Social Conscience – good news has better cut through

86% of Australians believe the care and consideration for others has never been more important. When every company is telling consumers about their new safety and hygiene policies, only a few will be remembered. Find a unique way to share your story – a moment of light and joy will easily stand out.

Hyper Local – your competitors are potential partners

The circle of what is considered ‘local’ has shrunk from countries and states to suburbs and communities. And spending is the new donation – band together with neighbouring businesses to create a new offering.

Human Scale – a new level of virtual reality

The rules have been re-written for what it means to be authentic. Our relationships and expectation about the level of access with our idols has shifted for good and new boundaries established. Just because I like your fashion style doesn’t mean I want your opinion on the economy

To learn more about the second five, contact our Head of Strategy, Miranda Bryce.

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