Nexty is The Mint Partners Chinese marketing agency partner, offering clients an easy first step into marketing to local and international Chinese markets. Here they give us a snapshot on the Chinese mega social media platform WeChat…

WeChat is an all-in-one Chinese social media platform functions as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, eBay and PayPal combined. Amongst 889 million active users, 1.3 million of them living in Australia. About half of the WeChat users use it for at least 90 minutes a day, making the platform valuable for Australian businesses considering Chinese customers’ strong interests and buying power.

The WeChat Official Account Platform is a cooperative promotional service primarily tailored to enterprise, media and government organisations. Through managing your WeChat’s Official Account, Nexty can help with establishing a direct communication channel for your brand to reach billions of WeChat users. Starting from setting up your account, design and decorate WeChat page, copywriting and publish original content, Nexty provides comprehensive Chinese social marketing plan tailor to your business. Whether it be managing display advertising, engaging with followers, pumping interactive mini web programs or competitions, we are the expert to reach the hearts of your Chinese customers. WeChat’s promotional social platform will effectively build up your brand awareness and strengthen brand presence, generate new business opportunities.

Contact The Mint Partners for an introduction to Nexty and we can tell you more about our combined marketing services.

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