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The Mint List is an exclusive collection of people of influence in Australia. The go-to, in-the-know, up-with-the-latest-goss kind of crowd. Sound like you? (No need to play coy with us).

We know you have opinions on people and brands and we want to hear them. We will send you some questions every once in awhile to get your un-censored thoughts. To thank you for your time we’ll be pushing you to the top of our list for exclusive perks such as VIP event invitations, first-look product samples and opportunities for brand partnerships with Australia’s premium lifestyle brands.

To apply, fill in the below and we’ll let you know if you’re on the list.

xo The Minties.

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3. Date of Birth (your secret's safe with us)
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4. Gender
5. What state do you spend most of your time in?
6. What suburb do you live in?
7. What industry do you work in?
8. Has anyone referred you for The Mint List?
9. What are your key areas of influence?
10. What are your social handles and how many followers do you have on each of your channels?

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