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Consumer insights allow us to tap into and develop strategic platforms which help us to dive deeper into creative campaign executions that hit the right note with the people that matter – the people that will make or help make those decisions.

Insights, data and the opinions of others ensure that what we do will drive maximum results for our clients and really make an impact for a brand. As such, we developed The Mint List, The Mint Partners own insights database designed to help us cut through a cluttered market and deliver real business results. Over the last 12 years, MINT has recognised a number of influential opinions across all facets of the business and built a database of influence over this time.

The Mint List is a group of people who run in the right circles, they may not have 1 million followers on Instagram, but we know that they have influence over the people that matter to our clients. On the list you will find a healthy mix of lifestyle, fashion, travel, luxury and hospitality experts and a wealth of specific and highly tuned knowledge you won’t be able to find in mass consumer market research.

So how does it work? We reach out to The Mint List via email to gather their opinion on a creative idea, client campaign, consumer activation or story. They provide us with their thoughts, opinions and insight to helps us craft detailed and ‘stand out of the crowd’ campaigns. In return, we offer incentives in the form of exclusive event invites, product and services and money can’t buy experiences – not as a way of buying the answers we want to hear, but to encourage them to speak freely.

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By Charlotte Howells. Account Manager

The Mint List is an exclusive collection of people of influence in Australia. The go-to, in-the-know, up-with-the-latest-goss kind of crowd. Sound like you? (No need to play coy with us).

We know you have opinions on people and brands and we want to hear them. We will send you some questions every once in awhile to get your un-censored thoughts. To thank you for your time we’ll be pushing you to the top of our list for exclusive perks such as VIP event invitations, first-look product samples and opportunities for brand partnerships with Australia’s premium lifestyle brands.

To apply, fill in the below and we’ll let you know if you’re on the list.

xo The Minties.

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    4. Gender
    5. What state do you spend most of your time in?
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    7. What industry do you work in?

    8. Has anyone referred you for The Mint List?
    9. What are your key areas of influence?

    10. What are your social handles and how many followers do you have on each of your channels?

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