The Power of Authentic Brand Story-Telling

At MINT we identify the need for our industry to tell a better story, that is authentic, as a key to a successful campaign rollout.

With the media landscape continuing to shrink both locally, and globally, and the ever-increasing rise of the social media, selfie, product-snapping-tagging influencer, paired with a consumer that socially, ethically and sustainably minded, it is more important than ever to really connect with the end user.


Authentic100, a global report on brand authenticity, conducted by the multinational PR firm Cohn & Wolfe was released recently, and explores what brand authenticity means to consumers.


From the consumers’ perspective, authenticity encompasses seven attributes, according to the study:


  • Delivering on promises
  • Providing high quality
  • Treating customers well
  • Protecting customer privacy and data
  • Communicating honestly
  • Being genuine and real, not artificial
  • Acting with integrity


To really be seen as authentic by consumers, the report suggests, our industry needs to get back to the basics. Brands, and all their stakeholders need to walk the walk, and really deliver on the promise of a better experience for their customer.


At MINT, we encourage this, challenge the status-quo where we feel this approach isn’t considered, and by applying this lens to all our work with clients, tell a better story, that is authentic and resonates with media and consumer alike.

By Lylle Blackstock, Account Director

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