MLC Centre gets people hopping in for their Easter Social Campaign.

MLC Centre

Food & Beverage


Drive foot traffic into the MLC Centre food court over the slower Easter period and increase their social audience of CBD lunch-goers.


Food court regulars have tunnel vision and only purchase from their own regular. Education of the vast quality food offerings was key to the overall success of the campaign and food court.


Gamify a tour of the outlets - The Pursuit of Hoppiness competition. An Instagram “Easter Bunny hunt” through imagery of the various food court retailers.

Touch Points & Deliverables

  • Media Call

    8 retailers were photographed to create 8 photo-grid Instagram pages with social ads made to drive the CTA.

  • Media and Influencer Famils

    Advertisements were created for our seasonally printed broadsheet and the MLC centre EDM to further amplify our competition message.

  • Media Program

    The online was brought off-line with entrants able to show their found bunny in-store to trial something new for lunch.



Word of Mouth

Social Media audience increase

Change of behaviour

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